Feb 11, 2020
Honolulu, HI
Found this place while out geocaching. Pretty creepy!

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My wife and I are interested in paranormal stuff, I would love to spend the night in that.

I've done ghost investigations (even tho there's few haunted houses in Hawai'i that's available to check out without risking being imprisoned in a federal penitentiary.

Word of advice: tis HARD to get federal permission to do an all-nighter in a military site...even if it's been abandoned since WW2. If ye get caught ye face a military tribunal (which are notoriously not lenient) and ye can spend a "few years" in a military or federal prison. Methinks I'll pass.

What I DO wanna do is spend an extended time in the Mainland travelling from coast to coast doing investigations at the various famous haunted sites. But alas I'm going to have to wait and save up the $ again. A year of lockdown and no job really ate into my savings and I gotta resave all over again. 😱😳☹️🙄🤪😆😁

You guys would love this place! It’s an old mental institution. Parts of the campus are still in use while others are in pretty bad shape.

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Oooh, I've heard about that place! Didn't Ghosthunters had an episode in which they spent a nite there?

That has paranormal written all over it, I love it.

Yup, with an architecture AND mental institution history, it's BOUND to have sumthin knockin around in the dark, especially since I recall it's supposed to have a lot of graves in the backyard eith no names on them. Back in the days people used to dump undesired people in the mental institutions and leave them there. When they die there the corpses are not reclaimed so the institutions often had no choice but just unceremoniously bury them in whatever free space there it...even if it's unhallowed grounds. IF I remember correctly, the records for Springfield on who was buried where was lost in a house fire.

Perfect setup for a lotta unhapoy spectral inhabitants.



This is the Old Idaho State Penitentiary, we have toured it twice but they offer an all nighter on Halloween and I am going to do it. It is very haunted.

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The Idaho State Penitentiary is another place on my bucketlist of places to go to!