I know when it's finally time to consult the ST experts. Will I have to just live with this?

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  1. optofonik

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    Without starting over.

    Before applying the signature decal I sprayed it with some rattle-can Minwax satin poly and am happy with how it has turned out; the witness lines are barely perceptible. The same can't be said for the "PPP" decal which I did NOT spray with satin poly before applying. I let them both dry for a couple of days after application. What I've posted here is after multiple coats of Minwax wipe on satin.

    I'm not going to start over. However, if it's just a matter of plugging along for another 6-7 coats I'll continue. If it's a "what's done is done" situation I'll just live with it and my shame.

    I'm hoping some of you who have more experience than I will weigh in on the matter. Preferably with a, "Heck, it just needs a few more coats; don't be so impatient and get on with it - hoo haa!"

    Full of pride and self-confidence:

    signature decal 01.jpg
    signature decal 02.jpg

    Filled with shame and self loathing:

    PPP Decal 01.jpg
    PPP Decal 02.jpg
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    A few more coats will look better ;)
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    I just can't half-a** this.

    "Play like you work and work like you play.", a mentor once said to me.

    I sanded the decal off and what I found was the part of it didn't adhere so it was never going to look good no matter how many more coats of poly I applied.

    I went down a little more to the wood in that one spot and I'm re-applying some BLO. After the BLO dries I'll spray on some gloss and apply a spare decal I have AFTER spraying the decal with satin poly like I did with the signature. I'll start again with some spray on satin over the applied & dried decal then finish with wipe on poly.
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    Oh, I see... we're seeing trapped air. Good idea to fix it right.
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    After close examination and some macro shots I can see where the moisture that was trapped under the decal had slightly opened up the pores of the wood. Not good, so I'm glad I chose to sand it off and re-do it.

    Neck pores 01.jpg Neck pores 02.jpg Neck pores 03.jpg Neck pores 04.jpg
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    Good choice, because you'd never be able to un-see it.

    I dunno. I, for one, am just a schmuck with all of two Squiers.
    Good luck finding some! ;)
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    Dec 4, 2014
    Practice makes perfect, the second time around should be easier.