I found this Strat model rundown from Fender kind of interesting

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    The tell you the specs of 7 different Fender Strat models and then have a video featuring each one. I for one, will listen to Molly Tuttle and Billy Strings any chance I get. Molly has a new solo album out. I have to get it. But, Fender is so bad at this, that at the bottom of the page, after the Player Strat being featured in the first video, where it say "get the sound" they show the Deluxe Strat and the Standard Strat, two Mexican models which don't even exist anymore. There are also references in the article at times about other discontinued models. In talking about the two different headstocks they mention the Am Special and the Deluxe as having the large headstock. And in the very next section about electronics they say the Am Performer, which is the replacement for the Am Special, as having the greasebucket tone circuit. It seems to be an earlier article where they just cut and pasted some references to newer models in some spots.
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