Humbuckers from 2019 Agile 3010 Baritone LP

Discussion in 'Pickup Joint' started by Oldguitarguy, Nov 1, 2020.

  1. Oldguitarguy

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    Mar 2, 2019
    Just bought a set of Agile Type V Alnico Humbuckers taken out of a 2019 Agile 3010 Baritone LP. I like my Agile LP and the tone, so when I saw these on Reverb for a great price, I couldn’t resist getting them for one of my Epiphone LP’s. I assume that these are typical Agile Humbuckers and the fact that they came from a baritone scale guitar would not mean that the humbuckers are anything different than Agile would put on a regular scale LP? Can anyone confirm or have any comment about these pups?
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  2. Eddie

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    Nov 5, 2016
    New York
    I'm curious as well. Would a baritone guitar have differing pups than standard scale guitars? Inquiring minds want to know ...
  3. late2guitar

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    Feb 5, 2016
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    I speak with no knowledge, but one would think they'd be the same. The scale isn't low enough to require a transition to bass-style pickups and I doubt the manufacturers are making special sets of pups for an economy baritone... Just thinking out loud. Either way, I am curious about the correct answer, too.
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  4. nomadh

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    Jun 11, 2010
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    Probably same as other 19 pickups. The question is are the 19 pickups the same as whatever year you have? The changed vendors at some point. Maybe around 2015 or so so. And the new vendor model, g and b I think, isnt as well liked as the older ones
  5. Oldguitarguy

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    Mar 2, 2019
  6. Oldguitarguy

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    Mar 2, 2019
    @nomadh Interesting. I’ll have to take a look on the back of the pups. Also, I just bought a 2016 Agile L-2500 HHH that I won’t have a chance to play until Monday. I hope the PUPs are not from the the new vendor. If so. I guess I can replace them with either Guitarmadness or Gibson Burstbucker HB’s. I have an Agile LP-2500 from about 2004 and the HB’s are the best I’ve heard.
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