Howdy !


Sep 11, 2022
Tuttle, Oklahoma
New here . Been trying to learn to play (off and on ) for 20+ years . Not been as successful as I would like , but that's okay . Started off on Strat's , but for whatever reason just couldn't "mesh " with them , so been doing Les Paul's for the last 10 years . Bought a Squier Standard Strat 4 years ago and have slowly been getting back into playing Strat's again . Whatever troubles I had before have seemed to vanish . I am quite enjoying playing that Strat . I just recently bought a Squier 50's Classic Vibe Strat during Fender's Labor Day Sale . Hoping to expand my knowledge of Squier Strats and possibly get a Telecaster down the road . IMG_7844.JPG


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Jan 25, 2022
Welcome also! Tele Man here! Never wanted a Strat but for my Offset GAS I put together a Sweet Hardtail Mustang. It has the Phase Switches for that Cobainish Quack!:cool:

J - Peasy

Feb 27, 2022
Montreal, Canada
Hi there! Nice guitars you got there. My opinion and experience ( and my opinion only) is that as a beginner, Gibson style guitars ( 24 3/4 " scale) helps a lot. (Usually with a Les Paul copy of some sort). It's easier on the fingers. Faster necks.Then we graduate and get into Fenders (and of course Squiers). So we hear you.
Then we enjoy it all!
And that single coil sound....
Welcome aboard.