How to get to like a LP for a Fender type player

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    We often read that Strat players can't get comfortable with a Les Paul type guitar. They'd like to have one for its particular tone, but can't seem to bond with the heavy weight and/or its boxy shape. Funnily, they will like a Telecaster which is pretty close to a LP as ergonomics go.

    There are elegant solutions to this dilemna in the not so expensive guitar world. I went this way.

    If you need to buy new, you're in luck as Epiphone with its new 2020 line, came out with the Les Paul Muse. It has a thin body with a contoured back (belly cut). It is also chambered so the weight is around 3.4 kilos (7.5 lbs).


    If you're OK with used, the Epiphone LP Ultra is what you want. They made the Ultra, Ultra II and Ultra III. They all have a heavily chambered body that brings the weight down to ±3 kilos (6.5 lbs). They also sport a generous belly cut. The first one they produced is just as a regular LP electronically, two Alnico Plus humbuckers, nothing fancy.

    epiphone-les-paul-ultra-i-29881.jpg The belly cut on this image was probably a prototype, as the real thing is more like the LP Muse above.


    The Ultra II introduced the Nanomag, a magnetic pickup integrated to the fretboard at the last fret, that gives the LP a realistic acoustic guitar tone. Pretty cool. It has two output jacks so it can be used in stereo.

    The Ultra III came improved with a pickup ring tuner, Probucker pickups and USB port.

    Still in the used dept, there's the PRS SE Single Cut that is similar in weight and carved back. It's available with humbuckers or under the Soapbar I name, with P90. Weight is again real light, under 3 kilos (6.5 lbs). This guitar you love or you hate, there's no middle ground. But if you love, it gives back a lot.

    Single cut.jpg

    I am sure there are others, but this is to show that there's more than meet the eye when LP shapes are concerned.
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    Jan 25, 2018
    This is how I do it
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    Apr 28, 2019
    Good Info ^^ here @DrBeGood

    the harder part will be to find one with a 'Squierish' fretboard radius....
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    That's a stunning guitar.

    I've always thought LTD was better than Epiphone in terms of sound, looks, and quality.
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    Apr 25, 2019
    But it's not as authentic, and that's all that matters. /s

    Great post, I need to check one of those Ultras. I haven't seen a Muse in person yet, I wonder if any store will bring some once the shipments regularize a bit more here.
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    Apr 23, 2014
    ^^^This was as close as I got, but once I put a set of GM ‘57’s in my Ibby AS73b, I had LP tone in a more comfortable (for me) package. I’m done with LP’s.
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    For me it's just the 24.75" scale. I've played my whole life on 25.5" scale guitars with 10s and I'm really used to the muscle memory of that.

    But I've been looking at Explorers and a couple Pauls and thinking I should just get over it and get one for both my own enjoyment and to give me more tones to use for recordings.
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    Apr 21, 2020
    Squier Toronado?
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    May 27, 2020
    Yes please!
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    Never had a hankering for the Les Paul.
    Growing up in the 60s, all I can remember was Strats and Teles, SGs and the cool semi-hollow ones the old blues guys were playing.
    The only player I can recall with a Lester was Pete Townshend and his were usually being smashed and not played.
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    Feb 21, 2017
    The scale and so dirt on tweeds is what do t like.
    I have only one cause this.
    90 of 100 times i play my strat or teles.
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    Nov 19, 2017
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    With me it's about the weight and the neck ;)
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    I bought strats by the truck load. I bought a few others,but I was sure i could build a strat that would suit me.
    Then I swapped my Michael Kelly spalted guitar for an Epiphone Traditional Pro.

    I now have been playing nothing but LP type guitars so long I miss when I try another scale.
    When you pick one up and it fits well enough to suck you into moving with it, it doesn't matter what shape it is.
    Play a fastback style if you don't like the LP ergonomics.
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