How many amps do you folks have?


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Jan 13, 2021
I have four but only use two.
There are plenty of amps that I covet, however I'm very satisfied with my Pathfinder 15r and I don't presently need anything larger.
I've seen it compete well next to my next amp of choice (PRRI) for a fraction of the cost, weight, and maintenance - so I keep reminding myself that I'm good for amps and my life's better without the clutter

The other three are all portables I collected in my quest for a handy battery powered harmonica amp. The Roland MicroCube didn't live up to the hype. The old Vox DA5 had the biggest, fuller sounding speaker but suffers from a pain in the mule interface...

My humble Pignose nailed the sound I wanted right away with a much better sounding distortion. I can't help wonder if digital processing doesn't cope so well with the harmonica's squared sound wave?; The all analogue Pignose's distortion sounds rounder and less harsh.

After trying the other two with my guitars I've settled on the Pignose again as my grab and go portable, it being the smallest simplest solution but with the mostest mojo. If needs must, I pair it with a tidy little MS-50g with more than enough effects; still smaller than a Microcube and way more versatile!

I need to offload the other two.
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Nov 15, 2021
Fagaras, Romania
Oh... It seems I have forgotten the wondrous 5. On my desk there's 5 (five) micro-amps - Voxes (without boxes) and one Blackstar. They all are 1/4 watt headphone amps -the first three made by Amplug with Vox, another made by Amplug with Marshall and the last made by Amplug in cooperation with Blackstar amplification.
These were at a time when I had a very noise-aware neigbor my only resort for playing at the hours I finally got home. Today they work as insomnia cure. Nice little buggers they have three channels each- one for cleans, one for mildly driven and the last for overdrive , and three effects ( apart from the bass one, 3 channels and a fuzz plus rhythm with tap tempo). And crazy as it might seem, for an amp the size of a larger jack , they all have a line-in. Good for phone or ipod jam tracks... so whenever my pain doesn't let me sleep I grab the bass in the middle of the night. And the phone or the ipod... whichever I catch first with the lights off.. I slide outta bed and go for a midnight jam session with imaginary friends...

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May 6, 2014
east Tn
6 small tube amps 7,5 and 1 watt the crate amp on floor has a 10'' Celestion which i run the 8'' combos through. Bass amp TC electronics micro head through 12'' cab Boss Katana 7 and 2 BS flys 1 bass and guitar 3 watters. A Blackstar modeling amp is 20220928_214157.jpg somewhere.


Feb 7, 2012
Far more than I need...
here's a partial list and a few pics.
Moving today and tomorrow so I will once again have all my guitars and amps in one place, with me!

77 Marshall 2204 JMP - 50 watt(H)
73 Marshall 2034 8x10 cab (7442)
79 Marshall 1960B JMP 4x12 cab (G12-65)
80 Marshall 2199 Master Lead Combo 2x12 (G12M-70, Sheffield 1290)
83 Marshall 4104 JCM 800 - 50 watt(C) 2x12
85 Marshall 3210 Lead 100 mosfet(H) w/1965A/B 4x10 cabs (G10L-35, T3554)
2) Marshall 3005 Lead 12(H) micro stacks (2) 1x10 cabs each
78 Fender Silverface Twin Reverb(C) MV 135 watts 2x12 (Rola)
Mesa/Boogie Studio Caliber 22(C) 1x12
06 Mesa/Boogie Stiletto Deuce 100 watt(H)
89 Mesa/Boogie 50 Caliber+ 50 watt(H)
80's Mesa/Boogie 4x12 Halfback cab
Vox NT15C1 1x12
Hartke 3500 w/ 1x15, 1x4(C) aluminum speakers
Hartke XL 4x10 cab, aluminum speakers
Peavey XXL212 2X12 cab (EVM-12Ls)
Peavey Ecoustic(C) 100 watt 1x12 (acoustic amp)
Peavey Pacer(C) 1x12
Small practice amps are another 6-8 but I'm gradually giving them to my grandson as he gains interest.
Obviously not all my amps are in these pics.
I'll have new pics soon
20211121_145424.jpg 20211121_152321.jpg 20211121_153322.jpg MESA BOOGIE STUDIO CALIBER 1.jpg Vox NT15C1 front.jpg