Here is a gr8 track for rhythm practice or jamm along . Nice groove.


Dr. Squier
Nov 29, 2017
Newnan ,Ga.
@fattboyzz Thank you very much!

I'm not sure I fully understand the exercise, though. Do we have to follow the chords changes and add a strumming pattern in between them?
Sounds like fun ! :D
I like to play the chord progression on different parts of the neck using primarily barr chords.

I like to improvise over the progression as well .


Nov 19, 2017
I almost choked on my Beer when F came up but I really like this. Don't think my current arsenal of A D E Em Am will quite work though :)

Off topic Am is a great chord. I can actually strum the first couple of bars of Runaway by Del Shannon that is until my arsenal of chords runs out.

Here's one based around C Am F G that you might know Tom...