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Discussion in 'Squier Telecasters' started by SquierTap, Jan 14, 2020.

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    Hey guys, I'm gonna paint the headstock on my current HH Tele build black to match the body... But what I wanna know is; Do you wet sand the black paint? I'm plannin on about 3 coats of RustOleum Black 2X, then a couple coats of spray poly, then my custom logo, then bury it in poly...

    I know, I've gotta wet sand the poly, but I keep hearing different things about whether or not I wet sand the paint...

    And the other tricky thing is my logo... I ordered a custom logo from GuitaRestore on Etsy, and evidently it's vinyl... I just watched a video on YouTube of a guy who bought a custom logo from the same seller on Etsy and he's sayin it's a "pressure transfer" logo and NOT a waterslide decal... I've never messed with anything like this, and as far as I can tell, the seller didn't send ANY kind of directions or instructions, so I'm pretty lost, and need y'all's wisdom...

    For reference, I'll show ya my custom logo, and I'll link the YouTube video... BUT in said video, the guy DOESN'T sand the paint... But it doesn't look the greatest, either... You can see some orange peel, etc...

    Here's my logo: IMG_20200110_162538844.jpg

    And here's the video with the same logo:
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    With 2k acrylic the metallic base coat doesn't get sanded before the lacquer goes on, you are going for gloss black finish however so what I'd do, and in fact did do to my OLP StingRay is use a Matt black base and give it about 3 coats. Next I wet sanded that with 1200 wet and dry so it was super flat, then lots of coats of lacquer, after a couple of days drying wet sand again then buff until it gleams. That's the same technique for grand pianos by the way
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