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Headrush MX5 and FRFR108


Dec 21, 2013
Holy smokes. Went to jam with an old friend yesterday. He plays everything, but primarily is a drummer. So, I had just bought a FRFR108 to compliment my Mx5 modeler pedal.

My buddy, a sound and quality engineer and 3rd man records here in Detroit, said it sounded absolutely great to his ears. We didn't spend much time dialing in any tones either, I just slapped some heads on cabs and added some clean boost from an OD.

I was on the fence about the FRFR for a couple months now. I was about to but my first Head and eventually Cab. Now I believe I'd buy a second FRFR and have a stereo effect before buying any amps or cabs.

The modeler is so much more that I expected. It's actually Rich and Full sounding, and the speaker being FRFR allows for you to hear that, uncolored. I'm just blown away to be honest.

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