Harmony Comet USA

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Mar 27, 2022
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If I had the extra cash, I would own one, the Harmony company makes nice things. I am going to try to go to their factory some day and see if they will allow me to take a tour. I will tell them I am the official old fart from Squire Talk to post a review of their goodies here. Who knows, maybe they will feel like giving me something free to review, like a guitar or two? Hey you never know! LOLOL!


Sep 6, 2014
I have one. With the locking tuners on there and that small body it is noticeably neck heavy, quite a bit of dive.
Pickups are nice and clear, warm, until you add overdrive, then they kind of get indistinct. This may be a plus to some players, but I am not a fuzz blues guy.
The tailpiece on mine is really high in order for the strings to not hit the bridge before they hit the saddles. I sent in a picture to Harmony, they said it was 'within spec.'

So. Nice looking, plays nice, sounds good until overdriven (unless that lack of clarity is what you are after), has neck dive. I haven't swapped out the tuners for something lighter yet to see if that cures the neck dive because I am not sure if I am holding onto it long term.
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