Guitars4Vets Project a Quadruple Success!!


Dr. Squier
Jun 18, 2012
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Well, we did it - with NO "Epic Fails" ... 4 for 4!!!!
Each of the 4 Vets started with a box of parts and built a complete Telecaster. They each went home w/ the guitar, a 6ft cable, and a (used) Crate Amp - they will all continue to get one-on-one and group instruction from G4V teachers going forward.

We were SO fortunate today have the help from Denny Rauen -- w/o whom there surely would have been one or two "Fails", at LEAST! It was awesome for me (personally) to get to watch and learn from a REAL pro who has done work for countless stars and, BTW, INVENTED the "Compound Radius"


Sammy raised more parts and $$ than was needed for the workshop, so here he is presenting a $500 check to the local G4V chapter


We had 2 of the guitars instructors from G4V and my buddy helping out as well - and we were able to complete the 4 guitars in about 6 hours :)

Denny had to do some minor massaging of parts - but overall the GFS "budget" necks and XGP bodies performed quite well, and ended up making really nice instruments!

special thanks to a few folks from Squier-Talk who have helped us out :)

@jackdragbean , @frankthedog , @MrYeats , @SubSailer671 , @snivlem , @strat_strummer , @mb doug, @Ace38 , @Davis Sharp (I HOPE I didn't miss anyone!!)

still gathering pics from a few folks...



Dr. Squier
Jun 18, 2012
Flew here on my Dragonfly
Wow!.. where did all this come from?..
i obviously missed a major story developing at some point i would assume recently?..
Congrats to you and G4V and most sincerely to the Vets that stuck with it.. which sounds like All of them.. :D
Great pictures.. Excellent ending to a Story!..
Where is the beginning?.. :)

TY Sir!

well, a couple of recent threads ;)
Nov 24, 2018
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@IronSchef Looks like the program turned out incredible and I have to say that these Tele's are the most gorgeous guitars I've ever seen simply because so much care and love from you and the members of the program who donated their time into it. The smile on these folks is priceless. Since day one I've been patiently waiting for pics of the end results and I assure you it was well worth the wait. NICE JOB man....

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