Glarry TL- Speedbump mod

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    Jul 15, 2014
    I been waiting to install a 60's Kay Speedbump pickup into a tele. The victim is a $89 Glarry TL The Speed is similar to a P90, basically a big old dirty single coil w/ a size of its own. The original pickguard was cut to fit the Speed. The body's sizeable HB rout was not wide enough, so the rout was cut on both sides to fit the pickup's mounting hardware. In addition to the neck pu, I thought best to replace the bridge as well. In goes a Rose T90, which proved a nice match. The original 60's pots were too big for the control cavity, and a pair of 250 pots just squeezed in, stock 3 way and an Orange drop .47, elec done. Along with the renovation, the neck was ambered w/Mohawk, and a touch of wear on the back of the neck was accomplished w/Varathane Weathered Wood stain.

    Some things about the Glarry Tele. The guitar weighs about the same as a roll of paper towels, the reason maybe the body stock, which I believe is pine. It cuts like balsa, but balsa is too expensive, thus I say pine. A standard 3 barrel bridge should be a drop-in, although I used the stock bridge. The bridge tele rout was tight for the Rose and needed to be sanded out a bit. The tuners, once lubed and wound w/ a string over-wind, seem to be working ok.

    The Speedbump tone goes from dark and nasty to clean and nasty. The Rose gives you everything else you need. DSCN4113.JPG DSCN4111.JPG DSCN4112.JPG
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    Interesting mods! Like to hear some of 'em. What's the details on the back of the neck? That just looks like it would be smoo...ooooo...oooooo...oooooooooth to play. How did you rough it in? sandpaper then the stain?
    Anyway...good stuff.
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    Yeah, let’s hear it! I always loved the look of those Kay speed bump and pancake pickups, but can’t say I’ve heard them in a solid body.
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    Jul 15, 2014
    The Glarry necks on the solid body teles has very little finish. It must be a very light clear coat, as you can feel the wood. I stated w/ a gray super-fine Scotchbrite to remove the clear from the back of the neck. Next, rag on Varathane Weathered Wood Accelerator. It goes on almost clear, like water. In 5-10 minutes, it dries and darkens to a driftwood color. You can add additional coats to make it darker. Wipe the entire neck down with wood alcohol, and spray on Mohawk amber lacquer, apply light coats to a neck hanging by a metal clothes hanger. On the back, spray up to the gray, allow a little overlap, and stop. Amber fret wire needs to be cleaned w/Scotchbrite before clear coated.
    When dry, the amber and gray can be smoothed w/the Scotchbrite or steel wool. Finish the whole neck with several coats of Tru-Oil or a clear coat of your choice. When completely dry, buff the finish to a satin over the gray area. You can leave a gloss or semi gloss on the amber, or bring it down to satin. The results is an aged, well worn, silk smooth surface. That's how you do that.
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    The bodies on these are basswood
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    Dec 31, 2012
    You've put work in this and looks great, is there enough meat on the head stock to cut it to the proper shape?
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    Jul 15, 2014
    @mbroadus using my tele template, you could get close to the Squier T headstock. Perhaps a tad smaller on the bottom curve.
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    Oct 30, 2019
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