Gibson design flaw?

Discussion in 'Tech-Talk' started by corn, Oct 30, 2020.

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    I didn't know older Epiphone jr's didn't have the bottom part.....just a top screw into the stud.....
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    Like dis ?

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    I'll have to check my cm posts. My gforce tuners work pretty well. Sometimes I need to do it 2 times but then it can be pretty stable for all night. Sometimes the g goes south like Gibson's do. I keep forgetting to recharge mine so I manually fine tuned the last few times as when the battery goes south it does crazy crap. Kinda defeats the purpose. I keep thinking I'm gonna keep switching things but I just still dont trust it enough. It is a different take on an lp. Not sure I'm a big fan of the 61 pickup.
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    It isn't a design flaw, there has to be some slop between the posts and the bridge. If the tolerances are too tight, you wouldn't be able to adjust both sides of the bridge to different heights, and that is absolutely necessary to get the guitar to play right. If it is tilting so much that it is causing a sitar effect then you should probably shim it. Otherwise it is doing what it is designed to do, and it doesn't need fixing.
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    Dec 9, 2014
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    Ah ... I wouldn't have thought of that. Hmmm ...
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  6. MikeyH

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    Jan 2, 2017
    I have a Norlin era ('74?) Gibson Marauder I modified. It has a separate bridge/tailpiece scheme unlike your Junior, but the tailpiece had some slop where it slipped into the posts which I found visually annoying—I don't know that this slop affects the tone/playability of the guitar at all though I suppose it could with a guitar with a combo bridge/stoptail like the Junior. I think this guitar may have been one of the early Marauders, I've noticed that many with the rectangular "harmonica" bridge are built with the stop tailpiece further aft; as I recall, some of the strings on this guitar were actually contacting the back edge of the bridge on their way to the tailpiece before I bought and installed the spacers linked below.


    I bought something like these spacers to resolve the problem. They come in a pack with a number of different sized spacer/washers. Not sure if these are the exact ones I bought, they're pretty pricey:
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    Admin Post
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    Another fix would be a set of Tone Pro locking studs - will tighten the bridge nicely and help with the transfer of vibrations.
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    Is it just me, or does the entire "dog bone" casting look a bit warped? I know they get a lot of "hate", but I have always liked the Leo Quann BadAss bridge better than stock Gibson arrangement.

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    Is the right hand side bent upward?
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    Wow. Sure looks that way to me.