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    I just saw this sort of echoes DougMen's comment.

    Some things I do

    1. Sometimes you can find a tab that lets you change the key so that may work.
    2. You can also manually "translate" the tab into a lower setting. You can do it in your head or print out the tab and insert the new tabs. I like to use a full octave lower so just take the fret numbers and "subtract" 12. For example the first two notes of the lead are the high E at the 15th fret and the B string at the 15th. So that would be the high E at the 3rd fret (15-12) and the B string at the 3rd fret (also 15-12). If you want to have nothing higher than the 14th fret and the tab has some notes at the 22nd fret, then just subtract 8.
    3. I also try to find a Guitar Pro file and load it into Tux Guitar and then adjust the tab to a lower setting. Sometimes it works well and sometimes it works ... but is confusing.

    Remember if you run out of fretboard room on a tab then you will have to use the next lower string. For example that tab has some notes on the 4th fret of the G string (a B) so if you drop it by 8 you will have to go to the D string and it will be the first fret (a D sharp.) that's one reason I like to just use a drop of an octave because it's simpler. A B note will still be a B note ... just an octave (12 frets) lower.

    Good luck
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    LOL , I perhaps should of seen this coming , I broke the 8 String while tuning ,

    unless I some how legit-ly got a bad 8 string ?

    I normally use ERNIE 9 AND 10 , Which is the Yellow and Pink Packs.

    The Dark Green 12 is way too tough for my fingers.

    I grabbed a 9 out of one of my packs , So I am left with an odd 5 Pack LOL.

    But now I am totally liking this combo of
    38 30 22 14 11 9 ,

    Do they make something close to this ?
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    Dec 27, 2014
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    Ernie ball 8s are 38-30-22-14-11-8.