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  1. Shine

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    Nov 29, 2016
    West Coast Landia
    Hello everyone,

    Last November I started a thread about an old Traynor SS amp I found on the sidewalk here in town.

    It had rained a few days before, and I had no idea when it had been put out for the taking. I left it in the back seat of the car figuring that the unsafe-for-kids-and-pets heat would eventually dry it out if needed.

    Well, one thing led to another, and I finally took it out of the hot car last weekend to see if the thing even works. Many of you suggested taking a cautious approach, so I tested it outdoors standing on a rubber mat wearing Bluette dish gloves. I plugged it in and threw the unmarked switch to the right, and . . . the red light came on. I turned up the master volume and heard a hiss, and then whacked the top and heard the reverb springs do their thing. In short, through the pots and switches are scratchy, everything works. I plugged in a Squier Bullet (of course), and yup, we have a working amplifier that actually sounds OK!

    So, I did a little cosmetic cleaning and found a pot that had come unattached and sunk into the panel. I do not want to reattach it by gripping the plastic stem with a something that will trash the threads. In addition, there is a warning on the back of the amp.

    I am by no means an amp tech, but this fix seems pretty easy. It also looks like someone has opened it up before. I am including pics of the various bolts on the cabinet, but I wasn’t ready to start taking it apart without being sure what is what.

    Any insights you all have would be greatly appreciated!

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  2. SubSailer671

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    Cool find, and an excellent score!

    I think you can probably do the repairs yourself, just make sure to follow some basic safety rules. Always use just one hand (no working inside the amp with both hands), get a wooden chopstick or an orange stick if you need to poke and prod stuff, unplug the amp when working on it, always check voltages with a multimeter before touching anything, and discharge your filter caps. This link is to a youtube video that talks about amp safety and discharging filter caps.

    Good Luck!
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  3. wickedtools

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    May 16, 2010
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    Very cool amp, will be a fun project.:)
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  4. SubSailer671

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    I'm thinking that is a solid state amp, not a tube amp. From a repair perspective that makes it safer to work on. Solid state voltages, while still high enough to hurt you, are nowhere near the 300Vdc you find in a tube amp. You will still want to discharge power or filter caps, but they are more likely to have at most 50V on them.
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  5. Shine

    Shine Squier-holic

    Nov 29, 2016
    West Coast Landia
    Thanks everyone for your input!

    I watched a few YT videos about Traynor amps and learned how to open the amp up and tinker. My efforts can be described as two steps forwards, one step back. I guess that is to be expected for an amp repair newbie!

    The good news:

    I was able to remove the grill and vacuum the speakers as well as shoot contact cleaner into the pots. The one pot I could not secure with the nut would not push out far enough to get a grip. It also appears different than the others which are open-back.

    The bad news:

    I think I may have disconnected one of the wires to the spring reverb as it no longer works. Similarly, the three-way tone shaping slider switch does not seem to work anymore.

    Live and learn, I guess! Fortunately, I have a musician friend who is a licensed electrician who can probably figure it out if I really get lost.

    Either way, it is a good sounding amp.
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  6. Triple Jim

    Triple Jim Guy Who Likes to Play Guitar Silver Supporting Member

    You may be right... he may be a big help, but getting an electrician's license has little to do with this kind of work.
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  7. Robb

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    Jan 13, 2011
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    Congrats !
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