First time kit build.....any tips? Kidding!

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    It depends on what you are building. Some of the “affordable” kits are not very good. If your building a Strat, I have found I’m better off buying a used Squier SE and using that. It has a better body and neck than the kits and the rest of the stuff in the kit I replace anyways. (Tuners, electronics, etc...) And I have always been able to find them for less money than the kits. I have never bought one of the more expensive kits, so I can’t comment on those.

    Here is one of my “builds”

    26256F64-D6E9-482B-A469-9F0C4DB1ACA8.jpeg 2C09FA7B-9B34-4E08-907A-F91B90CC1CD3.jpeg 19FE43D2-6795-4240-BCFA-7975B5968A2A.jpeg

    And here is a slide show of the first SE I ever stripped down and rebuilt.

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    One of those strange things in life... a decent complete guitar is less expensive than box of unfinished guitar parts.
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    Guys......thanks for the replies, but I’m kidding. The thread title is just a set up for the cartoon.
    Good info though @dbrian66 , I’m going to have some extra free time starting next summer and actually might give building/modding a whirl.
    I’ve changed the thread title so as not to further inconvenience anyone with intent to help me, unnecessarily. Cheers.
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    Funny I ordered some kindling wood for the fireplace and inside was a guitar! ;)
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    No problem... I knew your intent. It's just one of those posts that leads to a discussion, whether you meant it to or not. :)
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