Esquire build body...

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  1. jamesgpobog

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    Feb 18, 2020
    It's in clear-coat now.

    Am thinking of a clear acrylic guard. Thoughts?

    The body is pretty thin, so there are switch concerns, though I did find a schematic for the Eldred mod with a 3-way toggle switch, so that should work for me.

    Since I'm not really interested in #1 or #2, assuming I pick #2, is there another alternate sound I could plug in to #1? Maybe a heavy(ier) cocked wah?

    So,,, here's the body...

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  2. SoundDesign

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    Mine is a 4 way and position 1 is pickup straight to output jack. I use it quite often.
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  3. Guitarmageddon

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    Sep 27, 2014
    If you want to do wah it's easy, a 1meg tone pot on a Tele/Esquire, and roll the knob back and forth in the palm of your hand while playing.....

    I do not think you can just add that to a schematic, because you need a potentiometer in the circuit to determine the wah's Q factor, or how it's affecting the signal and sound frequencies from the pickup....