Epiphone Les Paul Junior; upgrade or leave stock?


Mar 8, 2016
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Well the Indo guy sort of fell through on those bridges. I believe he has them but communication and overseas posting was too hard for him.

Anyway, onto a different question. The Gibson P-90 arrived today. The Volume and Tone pots are CTS and actually branded as Gibson (underneath some grounding solder). I'm a bit confused about how it's been wired together, assuming it was all lifted out of a Gibson (which I assume it was). I've looked up the wiring of both 50's style and modern or 60's style and this setup is neither. The basic difference between the 2 styles is the positioning of the capacitor between the volume and tone pots and apparently this difference affects how the 2 pots interact with that placement.

The thing with the setup I've got is that the capacitor is not between the pots. The input hot wire is connected to lug 1 on the volume pot, but it is also then jumped across to lug 3 on the tone pot. The volume output wire goes from lug 2 directly to the jack. Everything is braid shielded wire and the grounding is standard. I can see where the pickup input wire has been cut from the volume pot to pull it out and I can see where the bridge ground wire has also been cut. Both of these are on the back of the volume pot. Lug 1 on the tone pot is empty, and lug 3 of the volume pot is grounded, as normal.

The capacitor is placed between lug 2 of the tone pot and ground, ie: soldered onto the back of that pot. I assume it worked that way but I can't find any diagram showing this configuration for a single pickup Gibson (or even half of a 2 pickup). Any ideas on this, or should I just unsolder everything and put it back together in one of the "usual" configurations? I would have to extend the leads on the capacitor to do so or buy a replacement.
I'm far from a wiring guru but I would think there are only so many ways to wire a single P90 to 1 volume and 1 tone pot and have it work. If you can't determine if it will work (and why/how) just by looking at it, I would suggest diagramming it and posting it here so a wiring guru can help.


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May 28, 2022
That's the point. The 2 basic wiring methods for single pickup (ie; Les Paul Junior) are 50's and modern (or 60's). This setup appears to be original factory Gibson but it is neither.

The pickup and harness were lifted from a 2019 Gibson LPJ.

Found this. (If the diagram doesn't show up there is a button for the pdf if you scroll down the page. I've inserted a screen shot as well.) This diagram from Fralin is nearly the same. Cap and connecting wire on tone pot swapped between lugs.

I've also shown a photo of a 2 pickup 4 pot Gibson with the same cap placement I have from 2020. You can see the Gibson brand on the pots and the cap placement is as I have. This is neither 50's style or "modern". Anyhow, I guess I can leave it as is.


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