Ed Sullivan's rock and roll classics


Dr. Squier
Jun 8, 2017
Honolulu, HI
The oldies network METV has been showing the Ed Sullivan Show every Sunday night, and, at first they just showed old episodes of the whole show. But now, they've switched to edited and repackaged collections called Rock and Roll Classics. Last week was what they called the "folk rock' episode, with The Byrds, The Lovin' Spoonful, Credence, and The Band, Tonight's episode was called "The Sweet Sound of Soul", with The Supremes, The Jackson Five, James Brown, The Righteous Brothers, The Four Tops, and The Temptations.
On a thinly related note, one of the other oldies networks, called FETV, which has Mannix, Perry Mason, and other dramas and sitcoms from the 50s to the 70s, has started showing two episodes of Emergency every day. The second one airs at the same time as Adam 12 on METV, so I've quit watching that and started watching Emergency, because they have more compelling stories that are more well written, as well as some great action scenes, with thrilling rescue scenes. One of the episodes today featured Sheila Kuehl, who was Zelda on Dobie Gillis, a show I wish one of the oldies networks would bring back. In every episode, when Dobie would sit in front of the statue of Rodan's The Thinker, talking to the audience, he would poke fun at everything about postwar middle America during the 50s and 60s, and I'm always surprised that the CBS censors allowed that back then. I'd also love to see Sgt. Bilko, with Phil Silvers, resurrected, as well as Make Room For Daddy, with Danny Thomas.
One of the other networks has Bachelor Father, which also does a great job of making fun of middle class America during that era.
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