D’Angellicos always on sale....

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  1. TeleSi

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    Aug 12, 2020
    Is D’angellico a guitar center brand? The reason I ask is they are ALWAYS heavily discounted.

    reminds me of the Invicta watches, where brands imply that their products are worth thousands, but discount them to hundreds!

    todays SDOTD on MF is yet another d’angellico at 50% off. They look nice enough, but one has to wonder why they’re so frequently on sale
  2. Ralph124C41

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    Feb 10, 2016
    I've noticed that. It sort of reminds me of years ago when a major department store chain, now defunct, used to advertise its "sales." It turns out that some items, such as furniture, was never not on sale.
  3. Guitarmageddon

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    Sep 27, 2014
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    A 2 second google search would tell you that no, they are their own company, and the name has been known in the Jazz world since the 1930s for making high quality instruments.....they also now own Supro and Pigtronix.....and have won awards for their guitars at NAMM.....

    They don't SELL a lot, and stock sits...thats's why they go on sale....

    The quality is superb.....
  4. Dimarzio54

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    Feb 23, 2020
    They are primarily made in Korea with some top of the line models made in the US. They bought the name. The Guitar Center stuff is the low end of their line. I believe it's called the Premier line. Their Es-335 type model is like a $799 guitar. It goes up from their and so does the quality. It's the low end models that I see on sale. I have never played higher end models. If I was going spend over $1000 I would definitely look Eastman out of China which I have played a bunch and their quality is killer.
  5. Ralph124C41

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    Feb 10, 2016
    The Eastman acoustics generally get rave reviews over at the acoustic forum. However, I've never seen one. There is a shop about an hour's drive from me but you have to call and make an appointment ... find a parking space downtown ... feed the meter ...etc. And the supplier will give a minor discount but nothing to text home about.

    And yes the higher-tier D'Angelicoes seem to draw good reviews.
  6. duceditor

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    May 29, 2014
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    D'Angelicos have an unusual place in the market -- one that is not easily defined, and, I'd imagine one that is hard to find a "fit" for in the market.

    Not all D'As are, from what I have read, of equal quality. This as they've tried to find a place in a slightly lower price range than their original Excel models fit into.

    And that last phrase is itself a challenging one -- that because those guitars were made in a Korean factory known for its quality, and then even the Excel line was changed over to a different manufacturer -- still a fine one, but some say not quite the equal of the first.

    I fell in love with D'Angelico in the `60s. My instructor, Lenny Frank, owned one of the originals hand-made by John D'Angelico. It was generally off limits (under threat of beheading) but on one occasion, after Lenny had come to an Abstracts in Concert performance, he offered me the chance to play it.

    That was like driving a Ferrari. A true OMG! experience. And so when I heard the good reports about those original Excels I, via the generosity of my wife Jan, was able to get one.

    I will not say it was equal to Lenny's, but it was at least equal to any other guitar (and I was for years a Gibson man) I'd ever played.

    Looks, feels, sounds and plays absolutely beautifully.

    My 'early' Excel EXL-1...

    DAngelico on Chair - Front.jpg
    DAngelico 3-4 Body.jpg
    DAngelico Headstock.jpg

    The changing over of the actual maker is always s accompanied by small changes in the model -- even though the name stays the same. So as earlier commented that means anything sitting in a showroom must be let go quickly.

    And a few attempts at lower priced ones have been to some a bit disappointing.

    Price-wise a current Excel EXL-a sells for $1500 at Sweetwater. That may seem high to some people. But it IS equal or better than similar type Gibson that sell for more than 5 times as much.

    Screen Shot 2020-10-22 at 2.01.13 PM.png
    Screen Shot 2020-10-22 at 2.03.39 PM.png

    In other words these guitars are more than good value even at full selling price. On sale -- and sometimes even the Excels are -- they are IMO almost literally a steal.


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  7. TeleSi

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    Aug 12, 2020
    Well I just got a D'angeleducation!

    Your excel is a beauty, Don!

    I've admired how they all look, and i LOVE the art deco touches, but was literally at a loss for why they always appear to be on sale

    Guess now I know!