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Craigslist Laugh of the Day


Squire with a Squier
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Nov 12, 2020
Though this ad has been posted for a few weeks, I just noticed it. Someone with a sense of humor. Enjoy.



Jan 1, 2020
I read a quote the other day - possibly on this site, apologies if it was - about Chet Atkins.

At a gig, Atkins between songs spent several minutes trying fruitlessly to tune his guitar. After a while he turned to the audience and said 'you know, it took me 25 years to realize I was no good at this part, and I've been playing too long to quit'.

Or something along those lines.

Personally, I can hear when a guitar is out of tune, but I am never sure if the note is too sharp or too flat.
That's why i always take it flat and bring it back up.