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Discussion in 'Squier Telecasters' started by Big George, Nov 25, 2020.

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    Early last spring I purchased a Bullet Tele in surf green, on sale of course, because I wanted a guitar I could learn to set-up, modify, try luthier type things and just generally learn how to screw up a guitar to my satisfaction without worrying about the guitar itself. A nice cheapie. I've learned a lot with that guitar and have enjoyed fiddling around with it. Last summer I purchased another one, in butterscotch with a maple neck. I've always avoided maple necks since my youth when at that time a maple neck felt like linoleum and was just totally wrong. At that time my main guitar was a Gretsch Tennessean, so you can understand my disdain. Anyway, I took what I had learned from the surf green Bullet and applied it to the butterscotch Bullet.

    The result is that I'm playing the butterscotch every day, loving it to the point it has become my go to guitar. It sits between a 22 year old MIM Strat and Gretsch G2420T, both that play like absolute butter, and it is holding its own against both of them. Who knew ??? Now any brand snob who scoffs my Squiers gets a perfunctory "You are clueless" response and is dismissed.
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    I have both.
    A very pleasant surprise at the quality and the profound enjoyment I get from playing them.
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    Yeah, the Squiers are really nothing to sneeze at when you've got them set up and dialed in exactly the way you like. They are indeed totally gig worthy, too, because like any instrument once they're set up and playing great they're excellent. Funny how that just seems to apply to any brand name out there. And your guitars are better because you had a hand in it.
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    My Bullet Strat is definitely one of my go-to guitars, just blocked/decked the vibrato, tamed the fret ends, and added a jumper wire so the neck tone pot controls bridge as well... it’s a fine guitar, nice and light, plays well, and is flat out fun. Squiers are great guitars with minimal effort, really
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    Yo tambien !!! :)