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    Xwingftr is one of the best sleuths on this site for finding Bullet One models! Thanks!

    I have the same guitar (Squier Bullet Contemporary HST, 2nd version) and have been working on the body lately to repair cracks in the veneer maple that covers the body wood front and back. I'll do some pics when it is further along. Some of the cracking has been ground for out repair in the pic of the back.

    The guitar above may have the wrong date by MGR. It is a MIK that was made only in 1987, if the Squier Wiki is to be believed, but I think it is correct and MGR is wrong. My own is E7 (1987) with matching neck plate. In 1985, this model, also called the HST, was MIJ and has the body shape shown in the last pic. Both guitars have the same pickup configuration and trim rings that aren't found on other Squier models that I know of. Note the body screw locations on the rings as well as the 3 pickup height adjustment screws on the HB pickup.

    2007-01-13 18.45.07.jpg 2007-01-13 18.42.35.jpg IMG_20210117_164109345.jpg IMG_20210427_131330974.jpg
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