Best Modern Day Rock Band?

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    Nov 5, 2016
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    While I love the Gothenburg Death Metal scene, it's been sort of stale since the mid 90's. Nothing really new coming out of that area of the world.

    But it's influences are important. They used Scandinavian folk music to inspire their death/black metal roots. I've been searching for bands from other cultures who have dived into their ancestral roots to bring a different form of death/black metal. I really enjoy when modern bands incorporate traditional instruments and rhythms into their music.

    Here are some good ones:

    African Death Metal

    Asian Death Metal

    Samurai Metal
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    @Eddie, et al.:

    Saw this Metal from India

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    I am trying to listen to different music and it's hard to change my ways don't get me wrong I listen to a wide variety of music but not really new. After the post by @dbrian66 to check out his nephews I had a listen to there album. Talented young band.. not metal but good.. also Dented is good.
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    And of course you have Leo M from Norway who is doing Metal covers of everything from "Hello" by Adele to ... everything.





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    I don't listen to either modern or rock music. :D
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    Stoked to see porcupine tree mentioned a few times, I especially love their album 'In Absentia'
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    Because I know you will forgive me...
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    I'm really fond of Pale Waves. Like many, I've found their latest album a bit washed up and bland in comparison to their initial singles, though I guess it's still a band developing their sound. Here's my absolute fave single of theirs:

    Japanese Breakfast is a band I've found much thanks to the wonders of the Spotify playlists. Also a recent Indie band, their music does have a very upbeat and enjoyable sound to it:

    Why not, here's a cover I've made a couple of years ago of this last track:

    Here's one last pick more like what the public here would consider Rock. I've found about Hozier thanks to a girl I've started to talk to some months ago. Sadly we've lost the contact ever since, but at least I've got some good music recommendations:

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    Jul 11, 2018
    I'm listening to Dino Jr's You're Living All Over Me as I read your comment!
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