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    Mar 8, 2021
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    Good info in this thread...thanks! Although I am of the opinion that there are certain strings that match better with certain basses.

    I recently purchased the Squier 70s Classic Vibe 5 string and I am really digging this bass. The roundwound strings that Sweetwater had on it I believe were D-Addarios and it was a good match. But as usual I thought I could find a better match so I tried Black Diamond Nickel rounds, Roto SS Swing 66 then DR Blues and presently Curt Mangan Nickel rounds. But I'm still thinking I haven't found the holy grail the search continues.

    Typically I am more about playability (and yes, certain string types are easier to play on than others...light gauge is a must for me) rather than tone when it comes to string selection since I can make a more significant adjustment to tone with pickups, amps and speakers. IMHO
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  2. radiotech

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    Apr 23, 2014
    LaBella flats on my Hofner, and Hollowbody Conrad.

    D’A half-wounds on most everything else… though I think the original Fenders roundwounds are still on my Dimension IV.

    For me, rotosounds are too bright, for too long. I have a set on my SS Jaguar, and a year and a half later, I’m still playing it with the tone only at 25% (too bright otherwise).
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  3. BobWithOneO

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    Dec 3, 2020
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    I have Labella Black Nylon Tapewounds on my Precision Bass Junior and love them.
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  4. SoundDesign

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    I just go with D'Addarios because I'm probably cheap and/or don't think the price to performance "ratio" warrants spending more for my situation. I have rounds on the fretted Jazz and flats on the fretless Jazz and the Precisions.
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  5. edro

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    Dunlop Super Brights on my IVs, NYXLs on my Vs.....
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  6. Hal Nico

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    Dec 21, 2020
    Good post :)

    I've just fitted the lightest set of roundwound Swing Bass I could find as I suffer from some Arthritis in my left hand( right handed).

    Rotosound Swing bass 35/90. They are really easy to play. I had to bump up the bass on the amp modeller I use but they sit in the mix great IMHO. I also had to tame the Top-end a little as they can approach,"Rickenbacker" type sounds but they also react to the guitar's tone control really well.

    This demo is using my Yamaha RBX170 bass. Neck pickup ( Staggered two part bass pickup<Ceramic>) and a 0.47 mm thin Bass pick.

    I left the bass high in the mix deliberately :)

    and same backing with a different amp model and played with my fingers,
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