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AudioT AT2020


Dec 21, 2013
Snagged a new microphone to replace my broken one. The broken one was a First Act cheapo I grabbed about 8 years ago.

It was time for an upgrade, especially with all the QOL improvements I've made to the studio as of late. After Mastering the last track I made, I'm super pumped to get some vocals on it and get a few more tunes finished.

What studio mic do you prefer for recording vocals?

Hal Nico

Dec 21, 2020
The AT2020 always gets good reviews :)

I've used several mics over the years for home recording but the best one is my Red5 Large condenser Mic which wasn't expensive at the time.

Here's the Red5 on one of the few ,"Covers" I've done,



Mar 8, 2016
Great. White. North.
I started a paragraph about how mics are a lot like guitar pickups but that's not very helpful.

I started with an AT2020. Over time I added an AT2035, a pair of AT2021s and an SM57. For the quality likely to emerge from my home "studio" they get the job done. My musical partner has an SM7B so when we record together I use that or the 2035 for my voice.

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