Anyone familiar with Rodyweil Audio?


May 29, 2014
The Monadnocks, NH USA
I recently received an email from a company called Rodyweil Audio soliciting my help/advice of a new product, and now i seems, a new line of products, designed for home and studio use.

The particular device they were seeking my thoughts on was a new mic preamp/gain booster they were adding to the line of "professional" audio gear. But priced at a level ($100) that put it within reach of at least some home studio people -- like, possibly, quite a few of us here on S-T.

How that got my name I do not know, but I thought why not? And accepted their offer.

My back and forths with the company have been very productive. At least one change I suggested will be incorporated into the next production run.

Here's my to be posted appraisal of the device. One that I have already integrated into my own music room/studio setup.

(My one-on-one back and forths wtith the company were both broader and more pointed and specific, but this is an generally fair and honest take on the preamp unit)

Screen Shot 2023-05-26 at 8.54.27 AM.jpg
If anyone here who does serious studio work -- i.e., not someone who just wants to get "free gear" -- is interested in possibly testing and reviewing such products I can share Alex at Rodyweil's contact information, or maybe better, pass along your own contact information to him. PM me.