Another jackson dinky js32tq

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  1. Powerstroke

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    Feb 18, 2021
    I forgot to post this in shuffle of things. Just got around to changing strings and fixing the nut and action yesterday.
    I put ernie balls on it. I used to use them all the time but I think they sound bad after going to daddario

    So this thing had backwards wound strings and a .060 on the E and a 54 on the A and a 46 or something crazy on the D. It played ok but I dont even go that big on my 7 strings.
    The nut had to be filled. The action was really not good. I was getting fret buzz on E string at the first 4 frets or so. There wasn't enough relief. But first I raised the Tom bridge way high..still buzzy.
    It appears to have a dual action? Truss rod
    It's sounded odd last night after adjusting it even though everything looked good intonation wise. Maybe my ears are playing tricks on me. Today it sounds ok. These have amazing Ibanez like necks! 20210721_230626.jpg 20210721_230619.jpg 20210721_225343.jpg 20210721_225327.jpg 20210721_225308.jpg
    Anyway I have basically 3 of these now. Two of the js32 the other is a floydrose so I wanted this for drop c tuning. And I have the js22 7 string . I even have a jackson spectra active bass.
    For those that don't know jackson is owned by fender now.
    Supposedly they have a building in Scottsdale Arizona not too far from guitar center where I go but I don't think they have anything for the public.
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    Nov 29, 2017
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    Are those the Belcat humbuckers ?

    The JS32 I had had the Jackson labeled ceramic Belcats in it and they sounded pretty good to me.
    Even better with OD ;)
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    Feb 27, 2012
    I used to do deliveries all over the valley, and have delivered to the Fender building in Scottsdale. I was met at the lobby, so didn't get past, but I very much got the impression that it's a very secure corporate facility, but with music-themed appointments and decor. Felt more casual than stuffy, but, again, the lobby.
    I think I could work there. ;)