An interesting afternoon: Trip to both GC and Sam Ash in Columbus, OH

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    A family member had a knee surgery today, and since I am the owner/driver of the most comfortable car I got to take a day's leave from work so I can play chauffeur. I don't mind as it is almost a 2 hour drive for us, and I wouldn't want to ride 2 hours post knee surgery except in the most comfort possible. Certainly not a full sized 4WD pickup that will shake, rattle, and roll you down the road.

    After I dropped the family member off at the hospital (with his wife as the only one allowed to wait in the hospital due to COVID rules), I found myself with about 6 hours of free time after taking the wife to lunch. What better way to kill a few hours than by hanging out in a music store playing guitars?

    First stop was at Guitar Center. It was not too busy at noon today, and also not too over populated with guitars. The acoustic room (where I usually focus my time after all) was about 1/2 empty. Most of the guitars were either cheap Mitchell brand, or used Breedloves. I like Breedlove but I already have one, so not much interest there. They had a nice Martin D28 and a Taylor 814CE (the only Taylor in the store!), but both were locked up and of course no customer service. It was only on my way out the door that someone actually spoke to me in greeting. Of course he tried to sell me on a '59 LP for a ridiculous price.

    I went to Sam Ash a little later. Again, the store was not busy. Very little in the way of electrics in the store and more than half of them were "Michael Kelly" branded. I never heard of that brand, and after playing a couple I don't think I need to remember it either. I spent about 90 minutes in their acoustic room playing with the toys while my wife read her book. Not once did anyone from the store come talk to me.

    I played almost every instrument in the room. A Martin D18, a D16, Taylor 812ce, Taylor Koa (which I took out of the unlocked glass display case!), a Taylor American Dream (AD27 Mahogany), as well as a number of lesser guitars. The D18 was nice but had crazy high action with an obvious too much relief. The Taylor Koa was drop dead gorgeous but curiously flat sounding to play. The 812ce sounded like a Taylor should--bright, responsive, pretty. I prefer the 814 with a little longer scale length and body connection at the 14th fret instead of the 12th, but it was clearly a Taylor.

    I've been wanting to play a Taylor American Dream since they came out last year. I am not disappointed. It was my favorite guitar of the day. So much so that if it were the AD27e instead of the AD27 (no electronics) I probably would have taken it home. Solid mahogany top, Solid Sapele back and sides, mahogany neck with eucalyptus board, satin finish all over. No adornments or frills, but a good playing and sounding guitar. The mahogany top toned down much of the Taylor brightness, and still had that Taylor feel on the neck.

    I didn't end up buying anything, but I did enjoy playing all those guitars today.
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    Nice, get to be the nice guy AND spend the day playing.
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    It sounds like a fun day. I always enjoy hanging out at GC to play with gear.
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    I dropped by the local Sam Ash yesterday. It's a hugh store, but I only saw two sales people, and the guy working the guitar section was not even a player. When I asked if they had if they had hard shell cases for any of the PRS models, he asked what a PRS was.
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    Sounds like you had a good time ;)

    Ive not been in GC for a short while, but last time I went they were still low on product. No used bass or electric guitars and only overpriced used acoustics.

    The mask police dropped by though ;-/
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