20th anniversary

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    Just serviced this for my dad. I actually bought it a while back and was going to sell it on, I put a set off unbranded alnico pickups in it and wired the tone as a blender pot. Don't see many in the natural finish, more a telecaster thing. IMG_20210913_134201.jpg IMG_20210913_134053.jpg IMG_20210913_134146.jpg
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    2002 was the 20th Anniversary of Squier. Most rectangle neck plates from 2002 were marked 20th Anniversary. Early 2002 Showmasters with a curved neck plates have some that were plain but most seem to have been marked "20th Anniversary". The 2oth Anniversary rectangle neck plates are slightly wider than most Squier rectangle neck plates and a standard neck plate gasket will not fit. 20th Anniversary Squier neck plates measure 51.70mm x 64.68mm. Regular Squier rectangle neck plates measure 51.10mm x 64.27mm, just in case anyone was wondering :)
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