2021 project log!

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  1. daan

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    Oct 21, 2013
    Twin Cities
    I was lucky that the veneers on mine weren’t split but it did look like someone Pete Townsended my guitar, so it was missing a chunk of the bottom corner by the output. My tremolo was rusted solid and bent, so I modified the body to take a standard 6-screw trem. If you’re keeping your stock bridge, DO NOT lose the mounting screws because they’re unique and I just can’t find replacements for them anywhere! Oh yeah the pickup rings are also impossible to find so don’t lose those, either. I ended up wet sanding mine because they were so damaged looking.
    I wanted VTT wiring (and was working on a couple other strat types when I started this project, so I wired up a bunch of wiring harnesses at the same time, so I had to drill an additional control hole in the body. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
  2. daan

    daan Squier-holic

    Oct 21, 2013
    Twin Cities
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    Nov 30, 2020
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    I like the extended
    cup-holder, back cover.
    Very original.
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