2019 yellow Affinity Strar project - progress update

Discussion in 'Squier Stratocasters' started by Robbmonster, Sep 15, 2020.

  1. Robbmonster

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    So, I recently scored an FSR Affinity Strat in grafitti yellow, and immediately went about starting mods.

    Bought a maple neck (from a member here), a set of Tonerider Surfaris, and a pickguard.

    The pickguard arrived today.

    I was undecided what colour to go for - tossing up endlessly between parchment and mint green - and had decided on parchment. I was ready to make the buy, then browsed musiclily's colour options one last time and saw something listed called 'ivory' which sat pleasantly in between parchment and mint green. Mint green (as we know it) was just a little TOO green and didn't look quite right on the guitar.

    This ivory one is pretty much exactly the colour I was hoping for, though single ply would have been nicer than 3 play, but whatever...

    The screwholes seem to line up perfectly, and the shielding has been well-applied.

    Next step will be to put the Surfari's in my other Strat, swap the Tonerider Classic Blues from that guitar to the yellow one, then wait for the neck to arrive...

    The pics:
    1) no flash (the colour of the guitar seems to vary wildly depending on lighting conditions)
    2) with flash
    3) OG pickguard
    4) A and B comparison with mint green pickguard

    20200915_151218.jpg 20200915_151228.jpg 20200915_151247.jpg 20200915_151309.jpg
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  2. dbrian66

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    Jul 14, 2017
    Maryland, USA
    That looks good. Nice choice!
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  3. Fret Cheese

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    Sep 10, 2016
    Looks good. I'd have been tempted to go full tort on the pg but ivory/parchment is a solid choice :)
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  4. Robbmonster

    Robbmonster Squier-holic

    Mostly just wanted to keep things fairly classical and simple.

    I'm not usually someone too concerned with aesthetics, but if I can't stand to look at a guitar I won't play it.

    Parted with my beloved 1st Telecaster for that very reason many moons ago.
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  5. jnz84

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    Feb 14, 2020
    New Zealand
    Man, I want a yellow strat now too!
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  6. Robbmonster

    Robbmonster Squier-holic

    Get 'em while they're hot. No idea how I lucked into one when I did, but I know they are pretty hard to find outside of Japan.

    As for the guitar, the pickguard is now installed, with the electronics just flopping around inside. The pickguard didn't fit as perfectly as I thought - there were a few screws going in on an angle, but no worries - and the pickguard was slightly warped. When flat on the guitar the lower horn area rose about 5mm or more off the body. I figure now it's bolted down that will sort itself out soon enough.

    Just waiting (and waiting) for my maple neck to arrive in the post, then that goes on, the pickups go in, and she's good to rock and/or roll.
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  7. Robbmonster

    Robbmonster Squier-holic

    So, the neck for this thing arrived today (thanks @Lonn ). Clamped it on and installed it, fit perfectly! No need to dowel and/or drill.

    Might have to replace the nut - the high E seems ready to dive off the cliff.

    Next step will be to get the pickups installed, but no clue when this might happen...
    20200922_152455.jpg 20200922_152634.jpg 20200922_152657.jpg 20200922_152730.jpg
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