stevie ray vaughan

  1. whammy_bart

    SRV "No. 1" Tribute Guitar Project - let's go!

    I finally have some time to devote to my project to convert my Squier partscaster to a Stevie Ray Vaughan "No 1" tribute guitar. I initially purchased a 1996 YN6 series Squier Strat for £85 the full thickness body, but the frets had some pretty severe wear in the cowboy chord area, so I've...
  2. StevieRayFan

    Stevie Ray Vaughan performances enhanced thru AI to 4K

    Anthony from Texas Blues Alley started a side project where is he using software with artificial intelligence to upscale old VHS performances of Stevie Ray Vaughan and other performers to 4K. The video is much improved but the audio is awesome...
  3. StevieRayFan

    PSA: Buying A Strat For Texas Blues (Texas Blues Alley Video)

    I'm one of Anthony's subscribers and he's pretty cool. You can sign up for his paid Texas Blues Alley program or he has Free Lesson Friday on his YouTube Channel. A great overview and a deep dive on necks.