Show and Tell

my current 9 guitars in the UK (I have a JV work in progress and a Goya and a Charvel Super Strat in the US) the first brace, is three Aldens, a XG Special, XG HR Blond, and a Jazzcaster. then my '94 Mex Fender Contemporary Strat, 3 Squiers: Squier Modded Tele with Fender Custom Shop HB and m/headstock, Squier '51 coolness as standard, Squier Stagemaster 7. then my black sparkle Dano Guitarlin and my old faithful '78/79 Eros 606 Raven Acoustic which i got as a swap for a fireplace when I was 17 yo (im 34/35)

dava4444, Feb 5, 2011
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