T-Bodz Terry B.

1966 Gibson Kalamazoo

1966 Gibson Kalamazoo
T-Bodz Terry B., Feb 11, 2010
    • BillStickers
      Man, I'd love one of those... I gotta find out more!
      Thanks for posting this up, tiz uber cool!

      ...a few minutes later...
      HAHA it's made of MDF! and is essentially a Mustang copy! IT'S LIKE GIBSON'S DIRTY LITTLE SECRET!!! :D:D:D
    • Suek
      Yes, This is a really cool guitar.
    • D34dBaWx
      Very nice!
    • -MKR-
      what the heck? never seen one of those before, but it looks AMAZING!
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    Feb 11, 2010
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