Which guitar are you playing today?

Discussion in 'Other Guitars' started by Redwhiteandblues, Apr 3, 2018.

  1. dbrian66

    dbrian66 Squier-holic

    Jul 14, 2017
    Maryland, USA
    Thanks! And yes it is a Studio. It's called a "Studio Classic 60's". It was a Sam Ash exclusive. The only real difference between this and a regular Studio is this one has neck binding. It was only available in this color and I don't think the color, Manhattan Midnight, was available on other studios then. I've never seen another one in person and only one other one on eBay so that's pretty cool I think.
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  2. Redwhiteandblues

    Redwhiteandblues Squier-Meister

    Mar 28, 2018
    North idaho
    Breaking out the 03 LP standard three pickup model today. “Old faithful”
    She’s been on the back burner for the past two years. Gave it a nice rest while I went on my strat kick.
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  3. jamndad

    jamndad Squier-holic

    Nov 23, 2013
    Bakersfield, Ca.
    I haven't had this out for quite some time. I think I'll noodle with some slide, today.

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  4. Humm ... choices, choices, choices.


    Cheers, Barrie.
  5. Jmv668

    Jmv668 Squier-Nut

    Feb 21, 2017
    90705035-46B6-407C-9170-E9B93BEE837E.jpeg Gretsch 5240 .
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  6. duceditor

    duceditor Dr. Squier

    May 29, 2014
    The Monadnocks, NH USA
    So many beautiful guitars being shown here!!!! This has turned into a porn thread.

    Me? I'm spending another day on the Jaguar. (Two sessions so far)

    Yes, because I do love the guitar. But also because I'm having a"better off sitting down" day. Otherwise the Jazzmaster and the Les Paul CM would be calling out to me for their turns.

    All great guitars that I simply love to play.

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  7. jamndad

    jamndad Squier-holic

    Nov 23, 2013
    Bakersfield, Ca.
    Such a joy to have so many, good, inexpensive choices, right at our fingertips. My wife, sarcastically counted my guitars last night. LOL!! She honestly doesn't mind my hobby and I'm fortunate to have her.
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  8. BorderRadio

    BorderRadio Squier-holic

    Oct 5, 2014
    Gilbert, AZ
    All last night and into the morning, a Duo of Jets :cool:

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  9. ElRey67

    ElRey67 Squier-holic

    Jan 10, 2016
    Chandler, AZ
    That's when most of my playing takes place on weekends.
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  10. AngelDeVille

    AngelDeVille Squier-Nut

    Jan 29, 2017
  11. AllroyPA

    AllroyPA Squier-Axpert

    Dec 14, 2009
    fff... fff.. foolin with the HOF editor
  12. The shovel guitar (no strings) since I'm working in the yard digging holes. :D Cheers, Barrie.
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  13. jjudas

    jjudas Squier-holic

    Mar 23, 2016
    Metro New Orleans
    Today... SX Furrian Fat Black.

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  14. calihick

    calihick Squier-Nut

    Mar 12, 2015
    west coast
    Tonight, my drummer will be coming over for a loose jam. I will be playin' my Squier 70's VM natural jazzer, and I think I will also bust out the 58 AVRI burst P-bass I call The Area War Lord lol.

    I gotta get some pics posted up, and I really want to take some shots of my 68 Vox Apollo IV for y'all, it is not a real common bass, and it is in minty fresh condition.

    Good to hop on the board, it has been a while, but no fear, I lurk many times a day. :D
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  15. Pat V.

    Pat V. Squier-holic

    Nov 21, 2014
    North America
    Holy Smokes! Those frets look like railroad rails. ;)
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  16. AllroyPA

    AllroyPA Squier-Axpert

    Dec 14, 2009
    Yea I suppose they could use a crown, I got it this way and I dont do that kind of fret work
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  17. Pat V.

    Pat V. Squier-holic

    Nov 21, 2014
    North America
    Looks like it’s probably a lot of fun to play.
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  18. AllroyPA

    AllroyPA Squier-Axpert

    Dec 14, 2009
    The radius is pretty flat for a Strat, it's just one of those that has that right Strat sound it is just a Ash partscaster I bought off Ebay years ago and threw a variety of pickups in it
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  19. Dr Improbable

    Dr Improbable Squier-holic

    Apr 4, 2015
    I am sitting at my desk reading Squier Talk noodling on my Tele/Esquire thing...

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  20. Michael7

    Michael7 Squier-holic

    After work, will be headphone jamming at Motel 6 in Auburn California with this Epi Special thru a Vox AD15VT with lots of amp models to play with. The Epi bridge has been replaced with an adjustable one since the photo was done.

    Last edited: Jul 11, 2018
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