Thoughts on Jazzmasters?

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    Feb 10, 2010
    @CVSteve congratulations on the new guitar.

    So.. I am a traditionalist in that when I think of a Jazzmaster or Jaguar, I think in the form that they were first offered. I could give up on the mute or the trem lok, some of the details on the pickup output. But what was on it when they were first created? That's what I think in my mind.

    For a long time I would say "well.. it's not really a jazzmaster." but I have since softened. Because what else will they call it? Let's say they call it a Lynx. The first thing someone will say "well it looks like a Jazzmaster without a trem."

    So I've changed up to Jazzmaster and Jaguar as being family names -much like we all have for the Telecaster and Stratocaster for years!!! No one thinks twice about a Stratocaster SSS, HSS, HH, etc.. but shouldn't a Stratocaster ONLY be an SSS??

    We all know there are key features that make a Fender/Squier a Fender/Squier, same with Gibson/Epiphone.. Once one or the other steps out of that realm (the 70s Starcaster to challenge the 335) people get on about that hang up.

    I found it better to stop looking at names and just looking at the features. It keeps my sanity in check.
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    Dec 28, 2017
    Thanks! And I agree with all the above. More variations means more to like, collect and talk about. Also, as I said peviously, not everyone cares for a tremolo. But some do, that’s why they make both.
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    I hit an oddity today, playing my new VMJM through a Boss 50 and no matter what I did I just couldn't get that old "surf" sound I remembered from eons ago. Tried everything I could think of and then things I couldn't think of, and that old sound just wasn't there. I was disappointed and then, just for giggles, pulled out a 20 year old little bedroom Fender Frontman reverb amp, plugged in, turned it on and just like that, that old surf sound was spot on! Played a while and loved it. Then, replugged into the Boss 50 and....nope. It's just not there. Back to the old Frontman, and there it was, plain as day. I could say I'm disappointed with the Boss 50 but it plays my stratocaster and Washburn acoustic like dream. Guess I need to be a two amp man.