Summer break, Jazz and sight-reading

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    Apr 10, 2018
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    Mastering sheet music sight-reading on the guitar has been a longtime goal of mine for quite a while. Back in my senior year of high school, I began learning the bare basics of music theory, chords, getting familiar with the notes in the fretboard and whatnot. Last year, after taking a break on such studies, I followed some free online musical theory courses and took that one step further, as I began to feel more and more limited with tabs, because while I could play really well the songs I studied and practiced, the idea of being able to compose something mine, improvising and picking stuff by hear were uncomfortable ideas for me, given my practicing and studying method of relying on tabs only.

    By the same time I joined my first musical group/band, which was a big motivator to improve my "musical sense" and was of great help to better memorize the notes all across the fretboard and getting my chord transition and alternate shapes on point given that, when it comes to the guitar, our songs are all about that. Also, I got to know more about a then friend, but now also a bandmate, which is really into Jazz and gave me not only plenty of tips and advice, but also a copy of The Real Book (aka the Jazz players' book of accurate sheet music for countless classic tunes) when I asked him for a place to put my recently acquired music theory knowledge in practice and actually practicing sight-reading on something besides boring un-musical Internet exercises.

    Well, if I didn't had much time to dedicate to it besides practicing Autumn Leaves, now that classes are finally over and I "only" have to dedicate an hour or so a day to revise the subjects for the upcoming exams, I can finally dedicate some more time to study my friend's picks for me to start with. If I wasn't already improving my music theory knowledge, ability to better read sheet music, translating it to the fretboard and getting even more familiar with it and getting to know more about such a beautiful music genre I never really got into before, I coincidentally and conveniently found out about a great Jazz teacher YouTube channel, by the name of Paul Davids, which has some great lessons about more advanced techniques used in some of his arrangements, such as his Lady Bird arrangement playing chords and melodies together, something as a classical guitar player I wanted to improve on for quite a long time!

    Well, on last year's Summer break I improved quite a lot in terms of technique so I sure hope this year I also make the best use of my spare time with all these possibilities - and the point of this thread is to motivate anyone who managed to stay with me up until this point ( :p ) into checking out some of this stuff that, perhaps, you may not really be into but, who knows, will find as fascinating and interesting as I did! I'll leave the aforementioned lesson down bellow, and if any of you want to get the licensed sheet music out of the Real Book for this or any other song, PM me I'll see what I can do. ;)