State of emergency in my city due to Bush fires

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    I've been following this thread and very happy to hear that you and yours are well..
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    Glad you're OK. I hope they nail the perps.
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    So I was wrong, it wasn't extinguished, just "contained"
    Despite a full day of heavy rain, it still continues to burn. Choppers were hard at it today with monsoon buckets. Most of the residents were allowed back to their homes today. Some are still not allowed back. Was at my brother-in-laws' parents house today helping out with a job, they up in the hills a mile or so from the edge of the fire. There was for sale signs on a lot of the houses on their street, and they plan on putting their beautiful house on the market too. This has really scared a lot of people. 6 years of earthquakes and now fires!
    Here's a picture taken today, taken from a news website. FB_IMG_1487495152447.jpg
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