Shell Pink Jagmaster Refin and Redo

Discussion in 'Squier Duo-Sonic & Jagmaster' started by offsetj, Nov 23, 2019.

  1. offsetj

    offsetj Squier Talker

    Jun 5, 2019
    Indianapolis, IN
    5EA118A1-DD99-41DB-A9EC-599C0D8B2AD5.jpeg A8E0705D-B193-42C7-97C3-F651D6F77451.jpeg 0C00433B-E0B2-4F95-A414-8C6B3282A30D.jpeg 20CCE9D9-7EDC-4621-B540-F3BB7BE9AD2A.jpeg 3D2CCD76-5590-4A35-85AD-2985AABCE576.jpeg What I’m proud of on this, my first major overhaul of a guitar:
    - being done
    - the sound of these Fender fidelitrons
    - neck reconditioning, fret job

    What I’m not so proud of:
    - paint job (nitro shell pink over the original sunburst)
    - pickguard I cut
    - angle of the pickups (slightly askew).

    It started out as a much-stickered and molested factory second. The kid put some nice DiMarzio pups in it that I’m holding on to for my next mod.

    Will I ever refinish a guitar again? Once I forget the pain of it, perhaps.

    Will I ever cut a pickguard again? Heck. No.
  2. Triple Jim

    Triple Jim Squier-holic

    It looks good. Never point out the flaws because you're probably the only one who will ever know they're there. :)
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  3. DaveDrums

    DaveDrums Squier-Nut

    Feb 2, 2017
    MA, USA
    Looks great!!! I’d be proud of all of it, 100%. Well done!
  4. Luvs2yoko

    Luvs2yoko Squier-holic

    Jan 19, 2014
    Looks good to me. Painting is tough, never had the patience to do it right.
  5. lespaul1968

    lespaul1968 Squier-holic

    Jan 26, 2019
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