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Discussion in 'Squier Telecasters' started by JVjunky, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. JVjunky

    JVjunky Squier-Meister

    Apr 30, 2019
    United Kingdom
    I have a Squier Standard Telecaster made in Indonesia in 1999, serial number IC99xxxxxx.
    I don't have a major problem with the tones I get from the original pups, but just wondering if I would get a substantially better variation of tones if I upgrade?
    I've seen a set of Musiclily Pro Alnico pups on eBay. They are quite cheap, about $28-30 US and are shipped direct from China. Has anyone had any experience of these pups? I don't want to spend a lot, but whilst I'm in the process of upgrading the pots, cap and switch, thought I might change the pups as well!
  2. drewcp

    drewcp Squier-holic

    Dec 14, 2018
    Saint Paul, MN
    Better is extremely subjective.
    My opinion is don't change the pickups unless you can specifically state what you want that the current ones aren't doing. Sounds like your happy with the sound you have now. That $28-30 could toward a new pedal, or experimenting with fancy strings, etc.
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  3. Eddie

    Eddie Dr. Squier

    Nov 5, 2016
    New York
    GM Dual Rails in both the neck and the bridge. Totally amazing !!!
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  4. jjudas

    jjudas Squier-holic

    Mar 23, 2016
    Metro New Orleans
    There are a lot better choices out there.... Guitar Madness, Dragonfire, GFS, and even Fender.
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  5. IronSchef

    IronSchef Dr. Squier

    Jun 18, 2012
    Flew here on my Dragonfly
    My thinking is you will not see a big difference if you replace the stock Alnicos w/ those Chinese Musiclily Alnicos ... they are probably very similar, if anything the stock ones might be BETTER.

    Rose pickups certainly would be an upgrade - but you would have to spend a bit more (like about $100 a set). The Fender branded pickups are also really nice, but more like $200 per set - my favorite pickup set I have is the Texas Specials (they seems to be love or hate, no in between)
  6. fadetoz

    fadetoz Squier-holic

    Jun 29, 2011
    I would get Rose. But I do have 2 teles with Tex Mex and like them. Depends on what you want it to do mostly.
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  7. Matt Shevell

    Matt Shevell Squier-Nut

    Feb 5, 2018
    New York
    Check out Bootstrap-

    Made in USA - the greatest bargain in pickups by far
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  8. Eddie

    Eddie Dr. Squier

    Nov 5, 2016
    New York
    Yes ... any of these would work perfectly. :)
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  9. wildelectric

    wildelectric Squier-Nut

    Sep 23, 2016
    Western Illinois
    Six bucks and my right nut says this subject matter is very well covered ground in just S-T alone.
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  10. You're likely to get a different answer on each reply. You may wind up more confused than when you started. Cheers, Barrie.
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  11. Triple Jim

    Triple Jim Squier-holic

    When I'm looking for substantially different tone variations I get something like a single coil sized humbucker and install it with a switch to split it to a single coil, allowing you to get both sounds. Something like that adds versatility.

    You can also set up a Tele to put the two pickups in series when desired, and that will give you a fatter tone than two in parallel.

    (edited to apply to a Tele)
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2019
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  12. JVjunky

    JVjunky Squier-Meister

    Apr 30, 2019
    United Kingdom
    Yes Barrie, I think you may be right!
    Problem is, I just don't know when to stop! Perhaps I'll wait and see what difference decent pots, cap and switch will make. I'm trying a linear taper on both of the pots rather than the more usual audio taper so that may be interesting.
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  13. ghostwolf

    ghostwolf Administrator Staff Member

    Dec 30, 2009
    Admin Post
    Rose Alba is my favorite bridge pickup for a tele. Hand wound in the U.S; boutique quality at bargain pricing.
  14. Triple Jim

    Triple Jim Squier-holic

    The tone won't be any different, but all the action of the pots will be crowded near the low end.
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  15. surf green

    surf green Squier-holic

    Jul 15, 2014
    That reminds me, you may want to swap out the nut while your at it.
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  16. littlebadboy

    littlebadboy Squier-Meister

    Jul 13, 2018
    Guitar Madness on eBay is awesome and very affordable!

    What sound are you after? Guitar Madness' owner is very knowledgeable to help you on what tone you are after.
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  17. fattboyzz

    fattboyzz Squier-holic

    Nov 29, 2017
    Newnan ,Ga.
    The Fender pure vintage 64 Telecaster pickups are what I used in my Tele that I built back before Christmas.

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  18. Davey

    Davey Squier-holic

    Mar 31, 2015
    Monroe WA
    Cheap pups like that are a gamble, probably not any better, maybe just bad. Occasionally you win though! Regardless, a good chunk of change that could have gone to a known for great tone set. Fender, Tex Mex or USA are not that bad used and can snag them off eBay or Reverb. Worth it.
  19. Squierplayer1

    Squierplayer1 Squier-Meister

    Feb 10, 2019
    so cal
    I'm usually pretty picky bout tele pups, but my classic vibe 50s tele is one of very few guitars i have ever owned where i kept the stock pups. They're really good and you can get a set on ebay or reverb for cheap. It's the A5 ones that come in the 50s BSB tele while the white blonde ones come with A3 pickups that i haven't tried, tho they may also be great. The classic vibes use OEM toneriders and they truly are right up there with a lot of duncans and fenders etc. Heres a set on reverb...
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  20. 5ofeight

    5ofeight Squier-holic

    Nov 14, 2016
    Glasgow, Scotland
    I adjusted the height of the pickups on my Afinity Tele to the hight recommended in Fenders setup sheet, it really brought my Afinity Tele to life.
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