Pickup direction?

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    Feb 10, 2019
    Recently replaced my pickguard and knobs on my newly discovered standard strat. Total noob, so when I took the old guard off I didn’t pay attention to how the pickups were placed - actually think I unscrewed them from the guard and they all just fell out. Anyway, everything’s back in order after some YouTubing. Right now I have the pickups with the lowest post under the B string for all of them. I think I read this on Fender’s site. This makes the little V of each pickup face down toward the bridge. I didn’t understand all the north south stuff, but should probably learn it. I do get some buzz in position 1, but 2 is clean, others are ok.

    Anyone have info on how these things go for next time I open her up? 2002 standard and stock pups. Thanks for any help.
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    The v shape should face towards the bridge, obvious with Strats that have bodys routed for single coils PU's but most squires have the body routed for a wide variety of PU's.

    The middle pick up is the one you need to be correct as it is reverse wound reverse polarity. In positions 2 and 4 there should be no hum or noise and the volume should not drop signficantly. Depending on the wiring used for the PU, usually separate wires, the connections should appear to be the opposite of the Neck and Bridge PU's.
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