Partscaster Bigsby?

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    Aug 27, 2017
    Hey everyone,
    I'm looking to fit a Bigsby copy and a roller bridge like you would see on an Epiphone or something on my partscaster muck around guitar. It has a hard tail bridge and the strings go through the body but I'm not too fussed if theres gonna be holes left behind when I take it off (which there will be). I just wanted to make sure it would work though, with these considerations to take into account,

    1.) is the space at the base of the guitar big enough to hold a Bigsby and a roller bridge?

    2.) will the intonation be ok if I just put the roller bridge where the bridge on the guitar is now? I understand I'll have to drill new holes. And will I put it on an angle like Gibson guitar or straight?

    3.) will the height of the roller bridge even being flat on the guitar be low enough or will I have to shim the neck to make the action lower?

    Cheers in advance for any help :))

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    It can be done, but there are some challenges..
    1. Yes there is enough space.
    2. Intonation will be fine. The critical part is locating and drilling the stud holes. A slight angle is fine, but there is one pretty inexpensive roller that has plenty of range and can be mounted straight. Also, a no-hole solution is a low-riding floating bridge.
    3. Most TOM-styles are high on a Fender body, so a little shimming is typical. That, or routing out a groove to seat the bridge.
    There’s more to it of course, let us know what you think..
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