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    Jul 26, 2018
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    She's a lot like me, kinda old and grungy. Teisco E-110 "tulip".

    After removing gunk from the jack she made guitar-like noise. Tone pot doesn't work. Strings, oxidized badly, are resting on the frets. I should get a couple more years out of them after a little PB Blaster. DNA removal may require a HAZMAT suit.

    Very light, has a thin body and neck. The bridge has noticeable grooves. The frets are near perfect, even the cowboy chord frets. Fret ends are smooth. She has a few scuffs but nothing major. Missing the headstock badge (were they glued on?) if anyone has one in their sock drawer.

    I do not collect and have way more guitars than needed but had to save her from pawn shop death. Will probably clean and flip. If I put new strings on her I'll lose $. Oh well, oughtta be fun. Teisco body.jpg

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    I'm going to check one of those out tomorrow. I originally considered trading an unloved Squire Bullet for it. But I have about $200 and a lot of time into the Squire and would probably be better off keeping it for the parts. We'll see.
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