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Discussion in 'The Buzz Box' started by Jay Jackson, Dec 1, 2018.

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    The RC-3 is actually pretty advanced, I wouldn't put it in the "simple" category.
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    There's a lot to like beyond the sound quality; I'm one of those crazy loons that thinks 16/44.1 is just fine for live performance.

    At first the Boomerang III seemed very unintuitive (referring to MIDI thru as "regeneration" didn't help) but a thorough read through of the manual reminded me of the 1980s synth manuals from whence I came and I was soon up and running for the basics and am still plumbing it's depth. I know that's doesn't sound like a ringing endorsement but for those of us from that early ana/digi hybrid MIDI synth era it makes perfect sense. The buttons are also one of my favorite features and having four loops isn't exactly low on my list either.

    My growing affinity toward the Boomerang III goes a bit deeper, though. Many bring up "Frippertronics" when referencing the 'Rang but I believe the paradigm that it exists in hearkens back to the early days of 2oth century experimental music; going as far back as musique concrète but more firmly entrenched in mid-2oth century electro-acoustic music.

    There is a "classic" 20th century "tape music" vibe to the Boomerang III and that, to me, is the salient point. It seems to straddle eras and technology; early to mid-20th century experimental music techniques and early 21st century digital recording technology. That is what separates the 'Rang from every other looper on the market and why it will remain a singularity.

    I believe other manufacturers either have no interest in the history of electo-acoustic music or have no idea of that history. One can't help but wonder what John Cage would have done with a Boomerang III in the mid 2oth century.
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    Used to have the Boss RC20xl. It sucks tone. Replaced it with the Ditto X2 and was happy because of the separate stop button, crystal clear play back, and really clean bypass. So it stayed in the pedal chain. I upgraded to the X4 and I'm happier!
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    sanluisobispo CA (3401
    Well after all the considerations and many hours of watching and reading reviews I Ordered A Digitech Jam man solo xt off of E Bay should receive it this week, I would of liked to of got a DigiTech stereo But the price is just to high. Out of all the reviews I watched of Looper pedals they don't go very deep into the Time signitures or Drum patterns you can get with them. And I want to be able to do 3/2 time.
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