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  1. RetiredNSquired

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    Jun 20, 2018
    Canton, Ga
    When did you first feel "Musically Old"? For me, it was the first time I heard Led Zep's "Rock and Roll" in a Cadillac commercial. I mean, Cadillac?!?!? That was always the old guy brand to me. Not quite high dollar enough to own a Mercedes, so he settled for a Caddy. It really hurt!
  2. so1om

    so1om Dr. Squier

    Feb 10, 2010
    Haven't experienced anything like that before.
  3. duceditor

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    May 29, 2014
    The Monadnocks, NH USA

    I've yet to feel that way. But some would argue that's because I largely lost interest in popular culture in any form when I was in my early twenties.

    Some guys my age feel bad because the teens and twenties crowd talk about bands they never heard of. I'm that way when reading posts from guys in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s.

    "But you play rock and roll" someone might say. And yes I do. But only stuff I've written myself. I enjoy writing and playing music. My own.

    I did get into SRV in a big way. He's almost the only musician that when i heard him I really, really wanted to hear some more. The other was Jeff Healy

    It's not that I don't "like" the rest. It's just that the music doesn't interest me enough to really find out.

    True with TV too, except that started at about age 11. Apart from some of the Star Trek series I've never found anything of interest on American TV.)

    (Not fully true. I did like the Sopranos.)

    So what am I? "Old"?

    I dunno. I just see it as me being me.

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  4. platefire

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    Sep 14, 2016
    North Louisiana
    When I'm in Pizza Hut or some other establishment where the latest music is playing and hear the modern versions of Country, pop and Rock it all sounds so degraded. Even though recording technology is best it's ever been the music mostly sounds homogenized recycled ideas without any true emotion. I hear so many tinny boppers singing repetitive vocal exercises as a hook about talking on their phone or something very petty.
    Yeah guess I'm getting old. Platefire
  5. howserx

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    Apr 20, 2017
    Winnipeg, Canada
    I think that too then laugh. All the talk of tone and everything sounds the same. Click and autotune, the ruination of music.

    LOSTVENTURE Squier-Nut

    I've never considered music as "aging".
    True, it's alive, but it keeps you young. When I play something from the 60's, it takes me back to the 60's. Same with everything recorder since.
    Just playing a song, regardless of when it was released, or self created, brings it to life again.
    We are all just momentary anyway, so let's play another track, move on, and enjoy.
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  7. dbrian66

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    Jul 14, 2017
    Maryland, USA
    For me it’s when I hear Motley Crue on the classic rock station.
  8. wickedtools

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    May 16, 2010
    west texas
    When my music went from Classic Rock to Vinyl :(
  9. daan

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    Oct 21, 2013
    Twin Cities
    When I was at the dentist, a song came on over the “Muzak” background sound thingy, that I remember riding my bicycle to the drugstore, to buy the 45 single of. Then saying something to the hygienist about it, and first she said she wasn’t born yet when the song came out, and what’s a “45 single”? Ugh.
  10. twisted fingers

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    Jun 19, 2016
    carrollton, ga
    I don't feel musically old I feel I'm old enough to have good taste in music and it's not what's played on most radio stations today unless it's a classic rock station. Today artist seem to put more into how they look and dance then the music. I had someone ask me if I could play a Rap song on my acoustic guitar.
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  11. SquierTap

    SquierTap Squier-Nut

    Jul 14, 2018
    Nashville, Tn
    The other day when my 12 year old son and his 8 year old sister found a cassette tape and I actually had to explain what it was... Hell, I'm only 37, but that sure made me FEEL old as hell... Lol...
  12. duceditor

    duceditor Dr. Squier

    May 29, 2014
    The Monadnocks, NH USA
    Similarly, back in 2012 when the cd version of "Hey, Let's Go Now!" was released I offered to let a friend who knew the vinyl version hear it. His son knew what a vinyl record was but asked his dad "what's a cd?"

    Just a "little kid"? Hardly. Today he is a senior in college.

    But this can be a two-way street! Saw this n FB this morning...



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  13. Rollmeaway

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    Feb 7, 2016
    Fayetteville, NC
    Probably when I first heard this 15 year old Romanian kid play the songs I grew up with:

    He is worth a look see. He collaborates with other folks from around the world.
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  14. Rollmeaway

    Rollmeaway Squier-Nut

    Feb 7, 2016
    Fayetteville, NC
    I just heard "Sympathy For The Devil" in a commercial for Acura cars.
  15. fadetoz

    fadetoz Squier-holic

    Jun 29, 2011
    Same with Movies.. They remake all these movies instead of coming up with a new idea. Easy money I guess...

    I always feel old when I run across a video of a 9yr old on youtube saying i'm going to play a cover of "Cliffs of Dover" by Eric Johnson.

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  16. Unit11

    Unit11 Squier-Meister

    Apr 28, 2018
    Providence, RI
    Sometime around the turn of the century, I saw a commercial with all these off-road vehicles playing polo while "Baba O'Riley" played. Cheeky. I only saw it because I was at a sports restaurant watching football. I don't own a TV, and haven't for decades.

    I'm 56, but I don't feel old. Curiously, I think taking up the guitar again helps me feel young. I'm amazed at all the new innovations like sweep picking (getting pretty good at it now) and modeling amps, including ones by Marshall! I think it's also because my favorite bands are all contemporary ones--The Birthday Massacre, Nightwish, Sabaton--and I can go see them when they swing by.

    Finally, there are troopers like Ritchie Blackmore, who's creating the best music of his career after "retirement age." Paul McCartney's going strong and just released a new album. They're really an inspiration to me.
  17. newscaster

    newscaster Squier Talker

    Aug 23, 2018
    Part of feeling it is realizing most of the people I think are really good at music are in their 70's
  18. RetiredNSquired

    RetiredNSquired Squier-Nut

    Jun 20, 2018
    Canton, Ga
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  19. CamiTampa

    CamiTampa Squier Talker

    Feb 20, 2018
    Sarasota, Fl
    Music is a time machine for me. Put on some 60’s am radio music (it’s what I had in the 60’s ) and close my eyes and I’m right back on my stoop playing ball with my friends or swapping baseball cards. Even songs I don’t care for take me back to a moment in my life.
    We all have a soundtrack for our lives. We just have to listen. So I never feel musically old.
    Also I read a week again that most people stop listening to new music at age 35. You sort of get locked in musically. I’m sure there are exceptions.
  20. bigal1000

    bigal1000 Squier-Meister

    May 20, 2018
    Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Santo @ Johnny the Ventures they will all keep me young till my last breath............
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