Just picked up an Agile Harm 3 / 12 from Rondo

Discussion in 'Other Guitars' started by totheMax, May 16, 2018.

  1. totheMax

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    Jan 30, 2011
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    I've been jones'in for one of these for a number of years now. I'd been hoping to find a Rick 360, but the reality is that I can't justify those kind of dollars for a limited use axe. I've seen them used in the $900+ range. I was checking out the Agile Harm 12's last year, unless they are posted you have to special order them and they come it at close to $800 from Rondo (with a case). Anyway I emailed Kurt after I checked out the special order pricing and asked if he was going to get some more of the more reasonably priced versions, he said he would order some with this years order and to watch the sales. Sure enough he had two models in the last sale at $449 - the root beer version in the link below and a natural ash version (the one I ordered - and sold out now).

    It's a nice guitar, a little neck heavy but very well made. I haven't got it dialed in yet but I think it's going to be a keeper (at least until that bargain 360 shows up). The one surprise I had was that I didn't really look at the measurements - the body is about the size of a LP or 339 - it actually fits in my 339 case.

    Thought I would share...

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  2. jjudas

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    Mar 23, 2016
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    I love my 2 Agiles! Cool guitar. Congrats!!
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  3. Acidhouse

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    Sep 16, 2010
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    Congrats. I’ve admired those for years.
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  4. daan

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    Oct 21, 2013
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    Let’s see some pics! Nice guitar, you can really get your jangle on with that.
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  5. duceditor

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    May 29, 2014
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    Lovely! :)

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  6. totheMax

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    Jan 30, 2011
    Chesapeake Bay, MD
    Thanks everyone,
    As we all understands how life happens. The guitar arrived a week ago on Thursday, Saturday working on my honey-do list I drove a screw gun halfway through my left thumb... I'm down to a single band aid today and hoping I'm good for practice tonight. I really haven't had much time to play around with it yet.

    Some things I have noticed:

    The Agile workmanship is very high quality, with the ebony fret board and jumbo frets I'd say it's more than a few notches above my 07' Epi LP Standard quality. Similar to the Asian made PRS models. The PU's sound OK, tone is pretty similar across all 3 - with the 5 position switch it's wired like a standard Strat (no tone control on the bridge PU). We see how she sounds after a good setup. It came with a set of 46/10 strings which are lights, extra lights are 40/9 which I may try down the road for comparison. Looking forward to using it for some Petty, and Traveling Wilbury's tones.

    Will try and post some pics this weekend.
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  7. so1om

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    Feb 10, 2010
    Very cool

    I once thought about getting the Ham bass.

  8. totheMax

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    Jan 30, 2011
    Chesapeake Bay, MD
    Here's a few pix I snapped yesterday - did a side by side with my 339 to give you a reference point. The more I play it the more I like it... worked great for "All along the watchtower" was dinking around with it and my Trio pedal. Thinking about a medley of All along the watchtower and Don't fear the reaper to run by the band next week. Now I know why Tom Petty and the others fell in love with the 12 string sound. As you can see it's not a Rick copy but it's own design (other than the cutout). I've been playing through a Fender Blues Jr. and it sounds pretty sweet, I'm sure that a cleaner amp will be excellent. It's so much fun to play I'm getting used to the neck weight (btw the neck is a little thicker than a LP or 339 near the headstock, but not clunky). Anyway if you're looking for a decent electric 12 these are a pretty good value. I've been looking for a while and these are far superior to the Danelectro's.


    Agile Harm Front Close.jpg

    Agile Harm Headstock.jpg

    Agile Harm Back.jpg
  9. AllroyPA

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    Dec 14, 2009
    It does look like a swollen thumb :D:cool::p ok jokester aside it’s a looker !
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  10. theflow

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    Feb 16, 2017
    Congrats ! I've been eyeing those every time I'm on Rondo's site,some day........I have 2 of their Agile LP's and love them,very high quality for the $.:)
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  11. theflow

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    Feb 16, 2017
    No this does though......
  12. porkpie

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    Mar 16, 2015
    Congrats, your going to love your new 12 string. I've got the 6 string model and it's a wonderful guitar, quality is top notch.

  13. GregS

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    May 26, 2018
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    Thanks 'totheMax' for your review of the Agile Harm 3 12. I ordered a Rickenbacker Fireglo 660/12 back in October and was just told that Rickenbacker didn't have any estimate when they would start a 660/12 run....bummer, one guy had to wait 2 years for his guitar!
    So, in the meantime I need a 12 string. Most 12 stings have the 1.63" nut, too narrow for a 12 IMO. The Danelectro and Schecter TS/H 12 have the 1.3/4" nut. Played a Danelectro, good neck and bridge (you can intonate all 12 strings), limited p/u balance and tone control, don't care for the plywood looking body.
    The Schecter TS/H 12 is really top quality, two double lipstick p/u's, two tone controls, two volume controls, p/u selector switch and a phase switch. 3 piece set neck, 1.3/4 nut, 12 saddle bridge for good intonation. Schecter's build quality is excellent, they offered two color choices, Natural burst and Cherry burst, but for some dumb reason dropped the nice 181 cherry burst, I've searched the Internet for a few months, can't find old stock or a used 181, the 180 natural finish is nice....just didn't do it for me at $699.
    Stumbled on the Agile....never heard for it. Went to the local Sam Ash store and they had two 6 string Agile LP's, very impressive build quality! After reading your review 'totheMax', I decided to contact Kurt at Rondo Music, Kurt said there's only one Agile Harm 3 12 left..... the 'Root beer'....for $449. I took the plunge and put the order in, it may be awhile before Kurt gets another shipment.

    Thanks again to 'totheMax' for helping me make a decision!
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