Is there a speaker comparison site?

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    I have been pulling out what hair I have left over looking and comparing speakers. It's pretty easy to listen to and compare the same name brand speaker up against each other BUT.....does anyone know of a site where you can listen and compare different name brand speakers. Such as.....if I want to list to a Swamp Thang up against a WGS G12C/S.....etc, etc
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    There are a number of videos on You Tube that compare drivers using the same amplifier. Search them out, throw on a good set of headphones and listen. It's surprising what you can find on You Tube.
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    I know of no comprehensive site for this. It would be a very expensive undertaking to test and record all guitar speakers with a uniform methodology and environment. If it could be done it still wouldn't accommodate the variations of amps, cabinets, and the way different circuits behave with specific speakers.

    YouTube vids are the main source for this, and they're objectively terrible as they're recorded in all sorts of ways, well-meaning folks still insist on doing speaker tests while using pedals, and the compressed YouTube audio is lacking.

    These speaker companies have sound clips, as you likely know. You'll have to dig for them and not all speakers have clips. As you say, good for comparing speakers of a given brand, but each brand records with different equipment and different methodologies.

    No clips, but here's a speaker database that's someone's labor of obsession. Enable only the criteria that matter to you and you can get quick, usable results. It's good for comparing frequency response curves of speakers.
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