I'm 66, I have bought my first guitar a used Squier J5 Signature Telecaster

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by David UK, Nov 20, 2019.

  1. jjudas

    jjudas Squier-holic

    Mar 23, 2016
    Metro New Orleans
    Hello and Welcome! Great guitar! Congrats.
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  2. Loin Lover

    Loin Lover Squier-holic

    Jul 26, 2018
    Backwoods, USA
    Welcome to ST, welcome to the wonderful world of guitar, and HNGD! I have never played that model but know players love them.

    I recommend heeding duceditor's guidance, especially the amp now that you have a nice guit fiddle. Enjoy.
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  3. musicalmartin

    musicalmartin Squier Talker

    Jun 27, 2010
    The Joe Trohmann tele used these pickups I think .I have had several and got some great tones other that heavy metal ,which I dont play ,.Great pickups ,
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  4. MinorKey

    MinorKey Squier-Nut

    Jun 14, 2012
    Darlington UK
    That is a cool looking tele!
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  5. techowiz

    techowiz Squier-Nut

    Aug 21, 2014
    new york
    Great looking axe! Welcome to the forum.
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  6. rbh32

    rbh32 Squier-Meister

    Feb 12, 2018
    Valley, AL
    John 5, to my understanding, plays all kinds of music, including Country, and I think his guitars are good do-it-all types. So, I think you have a winner there.
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  7. strat_strummer

    strat_strummer Squier-holic

    Nov 24, 2018
    Burnin some Nitro...
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  8. 5ofeight

    5ofeight Squier-holic

    Nov 14, 2016
    Glasgow, Scotland
    Welcome to the forum and congratulations on reaching 66..
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  9. Uncle Joe

    Uncle Joe Squier-Meister

    Dec 18, 2015
    The guitar is very cool. David did well. The epinonomous guitarist is even cooler. John 5 can play anything and seems to be a very kind person. I like his schtick too. Guitars, **** and monsters indeed. IMG9528651.jpg
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  10. Uncle Joe

    Uncle Joe Squier-Meister

    Dec 18, 2015
    He played a wicked version of I've Got Rhythm amid a ferocious Country jam when my friend took that picture last year. Incredible talent.
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  11. Mr Bones

    Mr Bones Squier-Meister

    Oct 17, 2019
    Kansas Territory
    Howdy from Kansas Territory, Welcome to Squier-Talk! :)
    Glad to have ya here, addin ya to my ever-growin list of Forum Friends, there in Ol' Blighty...;)
    Lookin forward to learnin along with, an from ya, mate! :cool:

    That is one sweet-arse Tele, an no mistakin...it'll play th Blues jus fine, if yer fingers will teach it...
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  12. tuner sandwich

    tuner sandwich Squier Talker

    Jul 27, 2019
    SC, US
    Good choice sir! Very fine guitar! And good price too.

    Any guitar will play any style music you want to play.

    Not only is John 5 an accomplished metal player, he's also an incredible country player as well. I like his country playing better than his metal playing.
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  13. wildelectric

    wildelectric Squier-Nut

    Sep 23, 2016
    Western Illinois
  14. LittleGiant

    LittleGiant Squier-Meister

    Apr 4, 2019
    Welcome, i have been lurking around my self lately.

    Nice Tele!
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